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2016 Back to School--#INFOhioWorks!

Find out how #INFOhioWorks for Digital Learning, Early Literacy, Parent Nights, and Professional Development in this presentation. You'll also get an update about INFOhio funding and passwords for home use. This presentation is used in the #INFOhioWorks for Back to School webinar on August 11, 2016.

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Protect the INFOhio Brand!

A PowerPoint show that explains how to use the INFOhio logo in presentations and in printed material. Last updated June 2014.

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Treasure Mountain 2015 Proceedings Papers

Papers from presentations given at the 2015 Treasure Mountain Research Retreat The Library Learning Commons: Start a Revolution!, November 4-5, 2015, at Ohio State's William Oxley Thompson Library.

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Welcome to INFOhio! Kiosk Presentation

A short presentation for parents covering INFOhio's web page and password, beginning reader resources, and the ISearch research tool. The presentation is designed to run by itself at a computer station during parent events such as open house. Simply delete any slides that do not apply to your school and click Slide Show > From Beginning.

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What Is INFOhio? Presentation for Parents

An introduction to INFOhio for parents for use during PTA meetings or other parent nights. Information relevant for parents of elementary through high school students. Slides contain notes to help the presenter.

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