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INFOhio Spence White Service Award, 2017
Jim Martin, LGCA

This year's Spence White Service Award recipient is Jim Martin, who serves as Media and Classroom Technology Support at Lake Geauga Computer Association (LGCA) and formerly an INFOhio Liaison at NEOnet. Jim, known for his robust understanding of the library automation system, is being recognized for his willingness to help Ohio school librarians, INFOhio Providers, school districts, and colleagues across the state. He was nominated by Tamra Dugan, Media Services Support Specialist from NEOnet, with support letters from Bonnie Blachly, retired INFOhio liaison for NOACSC and WOCO, and Trish Baker, Media Resource Coordinator for LACA. Jim was recognized during the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

The INFOhio Spence White Service Award recognizes exemplary service provided to the INFOhio community by ITC personnel. The recipient demonstrates a dedication to the vision of INFOhio and outstanding support for the delivery of the INFOhio project.

Spence White did much to make INFOhio possible. As an ITC Director, Spence recognized very early on how the Ohio Education Computer Network could support INFOhio's vision of providing equal access to information resources to all Ohio students and teachers. Spence believed wholeheartedly in INFOhio’s goals, and he worked tirelessly to make INFOhio a reality after he retired as a Director.

While he is no longer with us, we celebrate his legacy and hold it as a standard of excellence as we move forward. We do that by recognizing the tireless efforts of others who make Spence’s vision a reality. Jim is truly an exemplary model of Spence's high standards of service.