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INFOhio Spence White Service Award, 2005
Michael Wildermuth and Support Team, NOACSC.

The INFOhio Spence White Service Award for 2005 is presented to Michael Wildermuth, NOACSC Director, the INFOhio Technical Services Support Team, comprised of Terri Shutt, Jean Banks, Charles Schmiesing and Juanita Markham, and Bonnie Blachly, INFOhio Liaison for NOACSC.

INFOhio Executive Director Theresa Fredericka said, "This year the INFOhio Governing Advisory board made a special selection for the Award in order to honor this group of individuals." It was presented to Mike and his team in appreciation for their leadership, dedication, and continuing support of INFOhio's Migration to the new SIRSI K-12 library automation software. The team helped train and support the INFOhio Providers at the twenty-three regional ITCs as they all worked to migrate 2200 plus libraries to the new system.

Spence White passed away from cancer two and a half years ago.  He formerly directed the Warren County and SWOCA DASites and served the INFOhio project after his retirement in several capacities.  Wildermuth said, "His warm spirit brought a lot to all these organizations and we are all proud to receive this award."

INFOhio is proud to work with this team of dedicated professionals who help support library automation for INFOhio.