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INFOhio Spence White Service Award, 2003
Terri Shutt, NOACSC.

Terri Shutt

Terri Shutt, INFOhio State Technical Support Team Leader, has been selected as the first ever recipient of the INFOhio Spence White Service Award.

The award was created to honor one of our INFOhio directors, Spence White. Michael Wildermuth, Director at NOACSC described Spence in these words, "Spence was level-headed, soft-spoken, friendly and he offered sage advice. But, mostly, he was distinguished because he cared. He cared about the people he worked with and the people he worked for. He encouraged us when we were down and needed encouragement. He supported us when we needed support. He worked quietly and tirelessly, even near the end, for the things he cared about. He made the world a less threatening and friendlier place. Spence was kind; and those of us who knew him and worked with him appreciated and enjoyed his kindness.”

Terri's involvement with INFOhio, since 1993, dates back to the early years of the project. She is based at the NOACSC ITC in Lima and provides leadership to both the State Technical Support Team and INFOhio ITC Providers.

The Award was announced by John Myles, chair of the INFOhio Governing Advisory Board Awards Committee. "Terri Shutt has worked behind the scenes to develop the improved products and services that make INFOhio the success it is today," Myles said. "She has taken a much more visible role recently by accepting the challenge of leading the transition team that will guide us from MutiLIS to the new Sirsi automation product. Her strong work ethic, organizational/leadership skills, and devotion to the vision of INFOhio reflect the legacy of Spence White and make her a worthy recipient of this Award."

We salute Terri and thank her for her continuing support of INFOhio.