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Bags and Lesson Plans

Find all of INFOhio's instructional "bags" and lesson plans here. The Back to School Bags and Blizzard Bags are meant for teachers to use with their classes. The Beach Bags are tailored for parents to use with their children, but teachers will still find activities appropriate for the classroom.

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Blended Learning

Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online delivery of digital content and instruction to allow students to work together in new ways and personalize their learning. Blended learning also gives teachers additional techniques for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students. 

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Close Reading

Common Core Standards call for students to “read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it.”

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College & Career Readiness: Elementary School

Preparing for college and careers starts with mastering the basics in elementary school. With these digital tools, you can be certain your students are creating the foundation they need.

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College & Career Readiness: Middle School

In addition to building on basic skills, middle school students need to start mastering research skills that will carry them through high school and beyond. These digital tools give them a great start.

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College & Career Readiness: High School

High school students need to decide on a career field, prepare for entrance examinations, and hone their research skills.

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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy–which encompasses digital citizenship, information literacy, and technology–is the ability to responsibly use technology to use, create, evaluate, and communicate information to improve learning in all subjects. Digital literacy includes skills such as Internet safety, technical skills needed to use online tools, coding skills, and makerspaces. This Toolbox includes links to resources that can help students become more proficient with digital tools.

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Early Literacy and the Third Grade Guarantee

Early literacy is critical to help children to develop foundational and reading skills to be ready for school.  INFOhio has many resources that can be used to develop these skills and to help students on the road to success in meeting the 3rd Grade Guarantee.

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Informational Text and Literary Nonfiction

The new standards call for students to read more informational text and literary nonfiction. Many of the resources from INFOhio like EBSCOhost databases and World Book are great sources for informational text.

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Math and the Common Core

With an increased emphasis on mathematics, these resources include activities, lesson plans, and other resources to help implement the standards.

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Note-Taking for Grades K-5

In the past teaching note-taking skills was reserved for middle school and up. However, with research now a integral part of the curriculum for all grades levels, it is essential to teach students how to take notes from a very early age. These resources offer tips and ideas for young note-takers.

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Research is an important life skill that takes in all the standard shifts including close reading, text complexity, marshaling arguments, and academic vocabulary. Use the tools and resources listed to help your students find the best sources for locating, applying and evaluating their information.

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Science Connections

INFOhio has a wealth of resources for all ages for science research and discovery. We researched ecosystems and found information for all grades levels.

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Social Studies Connections

Primary documents, articles, lesson plans, activities and other information is available through INFOhio resources. We used the topics of the Northwest Ordinance and the U.S. Constitution to demonstrate some of the INFOhio resources and quality websites that educators would find useful.

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Text Complexity

As part of the standards, students must analyze the structure of text with increasingly difficult and complex text. Many of the INFOhio resources provide Lexile levels with help on text complexity.

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Differentiation

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)  and differentiated instruction share many of the same principles such identifying different learning styles, adjusting instruction to accommodate students and providing lots of support. Differentiation is adjusting curriculum to support the needs of individual students while UDL is adapting the curriculum to suit all learners.

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