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Begin Assessment: wnw20170920quiz (5 Questions)
Each division of the Management Council is choosing one of 4 power words. What power word did INFOhio choose to identify with?
The INFOhio 2017 Survey confirmed what assumption(s)?
  Potential to grow user awareness
  Potential to increase user satisfaction
  Potential to grow usage
  Potential to help schools realize the value of INFOhio
  All of the above
Which ITC responded with lightening speed to return the ITC billing spreadsheet to Cathy Kerner
Scholastic will be holding four webinars to help users get started and learn more about the new and old features found in the resource.
The next INFOhio Roundtable, held at OhioNET, is on what date?
  There is no November INFOhio Roundtable
  November 2, 2017
  November 7, 2017
  November 9, 2017

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