This is a 6-question INFOhio assessment.

Check your learning with this quiz.  Answer each question.  You will need 5 of 6 correct answers to pass.

Begin Assessment: R4S Module 6 Quiz (6 Questions)
Curation is a 21st century skill.
Choose a tool or curation
I completed the Self-check Research Review and Self-assessment Rubric
  Yes, I completed these research tools
  No, I did not compelte these research tools
Creating a survey is easy, all you do is ask a few questions.
Content curators create new content
  True. Content curators create content and then market it to others
  False. Content curators organize content that others created
What is an ePortfolio?
  A place to digitally store and organize examples of work
  A collection of art on the Internet
  A way to look at famous artists work on the Internet

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