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  • Blended Instruction + Powerful (free) INFOhio Digital Content = Supercharged Student Learning
  • 2016-03-17 | Length: 01:00:00 | Views: 4550

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  • Blended Instruction + Powerful (free) INFOhio Digital Content = Supercharged Student Learning

    Looking for free, educational digital content for your flipped or blended course? Learn how to access and incorporate INFOhio’s free digital content into your blended or online class to improve collaboration, individualize learning and raise the bar of students' learning.

    Discover instructional videos to embed in your class, complex, informational text for all subjects and reading levels, and search widgets to help students access quality standards-based content for their projects.

    About the Presenters

    Melissa Higgs-Horwell, INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist

    Melissa Higgs-Horwell, INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist, is a school librarian, technology coordinator and distance learning coordinator. She was the system administrator of the SCOCA ITC Blackboard Consortium, providing professional development and support and also the coordinator of video conferencing for a large consortium.  Melissa has worked at INFOhio for 7 years.  One of her passions is presenting on the integration of INFOhio resources and tools into the curriculum to improve student learning.

    Jennifer Schwelik, INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist

    Jennifer Schwelik is an eLearning Specialist for INFOhio. She previously served as a school librarian for Beachwood City Schools and Bay Village Schools. She has also served an American Memory Fellow with the Library of Congress,  the project manager for Kent State’s TRAILS (Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) and as an adjunct professor with Kent State University School of Library and Information Science.