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Begin Assessment: Storytelling with Infographics - Quiz (5 Questions)
1. What is the difference between a poster and an infographic?
  A poster is a print product. An infographic is a digital product.
  A poster is a visual report. An infographic is a visual inquiry.
  A poster is hand drawn or made as a collage. An infographic is created with software.
  A poster doesn’t include data or statistics. An infographic does.
2. Which of these ways to organize information (L.A.T.C.H.) is least likely to yield a coherent argument?
What kind of evidence can be used to support a claim?
  Experimental research
  Informal research
  All of the above
What isn’t true about population data?
  Population statistics may draw on different sources of raw data.
  Wars make it difficult to count people.
  There are different methods of collecting census data.
  A credible source will have accurate population data.
  Some governments control data publication while others don’t
An infographic has a story that ties all the elements of a claim with evidence together.

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