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Creating ePortfolios with Google Sites

Please complete the quiz you see below to generate a Certificate of attendance for this webinar. You must answer at least four of the five questions correctly to receive your certificate. The certificate will reflect the date you take the quiz.

Begin Assessment: Quiz: Creating ePortfolios with Google Sites (5 Questions)
Which of the following was NOT a reason given to create ePortfolio's using Google sites?
  Demonstrates student's abilities and platforms for self-expression
  Creative way for students to show collection of schoolwork
  Simple and inexpensive
  Evidence and support of their projects
ePortfolios are being used by many local colleges and universities?
Creating an ePortfolio using Google sites does NOT require you to have a Google account?
Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages
Which technical issue mentioned in the webinar was encountered by the Mid-East Career and Technology Center.
  Not all students were familiar with using Google or GAFE.
  Teachers did not want to learn something new.
  Not all students were prmitted to use school computers
  Google sites was blocked

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