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Answer these questions to check your understanding of Learn to Search Effectively.  You must complete 4 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

Begin Assessment: Learn to Search and Research Effectively (5 Questions)
What do filters do in ISearch?
  Narrow the search.
  Broaden the search.
  Narrow or broaden the search.
  Eliminate inappropriate content.
Can you include ISearch in your school or classroom page?
  Yes, with a link to INFOhio website.
  Yes, with a widget for ISearch.
  No this would be a violation of copyright.
  Yes, with a link to the school ISearch url and/or with a search box widget.
  Yes, with a link to
What does ISearch search?
  Most of the INFOhio databases and the school library catalog.
  The INFOhio databases, the freely available Internet and the school library catalog.
  The school library catalog and the public library catalog.
  All of the INFOhio databases, the school and public library catalogs.
What is the difference between researching and reporting?
  A report gives the facts. Research develops new knowledge.
  A report uses one source. Research uses many sources.
  A report is short. Research is long.
  They are the same.
How does ISearch help students master search terms?
  The spell check feature provides the proper search term.
  There is a search term guide that helps a student choose the correct term.
  Subject filters demonstrate additional possible search terms.
  The search automatically searches all synonyms and related terms.

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