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Answer these questions to check your understanding of Find Free Content for your Blended or Flipped Classroom.  You must complete 4 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

Begin Assessment: Find Free Content for your Google Classroom (5 Questions)
Which INFOhio resources can be used for to find information for both sides of a controversial issue that can be easily integrated into learning management systems like Google classroom?
  Early World of Learning
  Points of View
  Research 4 Success
  Science Online
  Digital Video Collection
Which of these INFOhio resources provide embed codes?
  Digital Video Collection, Science Reference Center
  World Book, Explora
  Science Online, Explora
  Digital Video Collection, Science Online
Which of these INFOhio resources does not provide a widget?
  World Book
  Points of View
  Science Online
  Go: Ask, Act, Achieve
When you click the Send PDF to my Cloud button you can save to all but which of the following?
  Google Drive
Quick, seamless integration with Google Classroom is available in which of these INFOhio tools?
  Science Online
  Kids InfoBits
  All of these
  Points of View
  World Book

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