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Answer these questions to check your understanding of Explore INFOhio's Differentiation Tools.  You must complete 4 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

Begin Assessment: Explore INFOhio's Differentiation Tools (5 Questions)
Which of the following differentiation strategies are not included in the INFOhio resources?
  Reading levels
  Text translation
Where can you find resources to assist in question development in INFOhio?
  Go: Ask, Act, Achieve
  World Book Student
Which of the following is not included in ISearch?
  Research strategies
  Text translations tools
  Basic and advanced sources tabs
  Questioning tools
Complete this sentence. Explora for Educators includes:
  Lesson plans
  Adaptive learning articles
  Curriculum standard alignment
  Professional journals
  All of these
The INFOhio Digital Video Collection provides teachers with which of the following?
  Videos on how to differentiate in your classroom.
  A place to post videos for your classroom.
  Videos with multiple difficulty levels on one subject.
  Curricular related videos that are closed captioned, include teacher guides, and lessons.
  Resources for students and teachers produce videos on a particular topic.

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