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Begin Assessment: Develop Career Ready Students (5 Questions)
What types of skills are soft skills?
  People skills and technical knowledge, combined make up soft skills.
  Skills needed to perform a task correctly.
  Cognitive skills learned in school or on the job.
  People skills such as communication, social graces, work ethic, collaboration, self-discipline.
What is the Ohio 2025 Attainment Goal?
  By 2025 100% of Ohio students will graduate from college and will then attend college.
  By 2025 students not attending college will enroll in either the military or a trade union.
  By 2025 65% of Ohio's workforce will have a degree, certificate or other post-secondary credential.
  By 2025 Ohio will attain credentialed workers from other states and countries.
Which of these resouces will be least helpful to students in career exploration or research?
  OhioMeansJobs, Career Connections, INFOhio, College Credit Plus
  Literature Online, European Views of America, Explora for Educators
  INFOhio's Career Collection, Kids InfoBits, World Book databases, Early World of Learning
  IWonder, Research for Success, Early Learning Portal
When should career education begin? Who should be instructing students about careers?
  Begin in middle school with research units lead by the guidance counselor.
  Begin in eleventh grade as part of graduation and post-secondary choices.
  Begin in eighth grade as part of the counseling for course selection in high school
  Begin in elementary school as part of subject-specific lessons.
Where can teachers find lessons about careers to use in their instruction?
  Career Connections
  INFOhio's Educator Tools, Career Connections, OhioMeansJobs
  Career Connections and OhioMeansJobs
  INFOhio's Educator Tools

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