(ES, MS, HS): Use World Book Timelines at www.infohio.org   Choose an existing timeline and model how to select an object by choosing one of the boxes.    Edit the date and/or some information in the box.   Click save and show the class how the timeline changed.  

(ES, MS, HS): Use World Book Timelines at www.infohio.org to practice selecting an object.  Choose the link to create a timeline.      Add 3 to 5 events to the timeline.  Then select one of the events that you create and edit or move it to another spot on the timeline.   If preferred, have students use an existing timeline, select and edit boxes on the timeline.

  • Middle/High: Download Greenshot at getgreenshot.org. This is a free, screen capture program.  Demonstrate to students how to use a hot key or print screen key to capture a specific area of the screen.  It will be saved to the Clipboard.  Then paste it into a project or report.
  • Create a scavenger hunt on a topic students are studying.  Using Green shot and a blank word document,  have them locate pictures, paragraphs, quotes, etc. related to their topic and paste them into the document.
  • Middle/High: Go to infohio.org, choose grades 9-12. Select Literary Reference Center. Under 'create a note,' students research a text or author and take notes by selecting text (highlight > copy) and pasting into the note card.

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