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Begin Assessment: BookFlix Class Final Quiz (5 Questions)
Which of the following is NOT a best practice for using BookFlix in the classroom?
  Limit student BookFlix use to school only.
  Encourage students to compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction books.
  Provide students with a writing prompt for a BookFlix title.
  Use the lesson guides to help plan teaching a title.
What are three ways to share BookFlix with parents featured in the training module?
  Customizable parent letter, BookFlix on the Go Flyer, Lesson plans with home activities
  BookFlix email template, BookFlix on the Go Flyer, Sample BookFlix social media post
  Customizable parent letter, BookFlix email template, BookFlix on the Go Flyer.
  Lesson plans with home activities, sample BookFlix social media post, Customizable parent letter.
BookFlix can be searched by key words to find a title.
BookFlix titles can be sorted by running time and number of pages.
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