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Begin Assessment: BC2017 Session 3 - Plagiarism? False Information? Take 'em to Court! (5 Questions)
Why did the classroom teachers and I create this 2-part lesson?
  Students are overly trusting of websites.
  It’s too easy to cheat
  Both It’s too easy to cheat AND Students are overly trusting of websites.
  None of the Above
One of the lessons taught was about creating more interesting Google presentations.
Students are involved in this lesson in all ways except:
  Acting as prosecutors.
  Writing the information that will be summarized.
  Acting as judge.
  Defending websites as true information.
Students’ comments included: “BUT I thought I WAS summarizing!” , “I have to read a WHOLE lot more carefully” , “Just ‘cause it LOOKS real, doesn’t mean it is”
I might give something like this a try!

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