This is a 5-question INFOhio assessment.

Begin Assessment: BC2017 Session 1 - Blended Learning with a Media Twist (5 Questions)
The definition of blended learning by Michael Horn states that all learning will learn at his/her own pace, place, and?
  learning environment
1. Phase two of blended learning removes the timer from the classroom.
1. Newsela can be used in the blended classroom to provide current event articles and can be read at six different lexile levels.
What are the four parts of a blended learning lesson plan?
  Mini Lessons, Digital Content, 4C's Activities, and Project Based Learning Activities
  Mini Lessons, Connectedness, Digital Content, and Whole Group instruction
  Digital Content, Independent practice, 4C's, and Online Videos
  Mini Lessons, Independent practice, Digital Content, and 4C's Activities
Blended Learning implementation plan should include
  Onsite or Virtual high-quality professional development workshop(s)
  Common planning time
  Ongoing coaching
  All of the above

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