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Begin Assessment: Flipping Library Instruction (5 Questions)
Which of these statements best describes what flipped learning is:
  Teachers have students watch videos in class and then give objective assessments on the content.
  Students watch a video at home and then come to the classroom ready to apply new knowledge in the classroom with teacher assistance.
  Students listen to lecture in the classroom and apply the skills at home with homework.
  Teachers create an online curriculum that never needs to be revisited and can be used as is for many years to come.
Which of the following is NOT a reason to “flip” library instruction?
  Lack of time in the classroom.
  Students always do their homework
  Accessible lessons 24/7.
  Meeting the students where they are at.
Which of the following INFOhio Resources can be used in a flipped classroom?
  All of the Above
  WorldBook Research 101
  Research 4 Success
Which of the following is not a major limitation to the flipped classroom model?
  Videos may need to be updated each year to reflect changes in curriculum
  Students and schools may have technological limitations that make flipped instruction more difficult
  Modern students are not inclined toward online learning
Which of the following is the best option for holding students responsible for watching the assigned videos for homework (access is not an issue)?
  Make them watch it during class
  Give quizzes based on the videos at the start of class
  Fail them
  Give them a detention

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