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Learn with INFOhio! Boot Camp Session 2 Webinar Quiz
Setting Your Sights on Inquiry: Strategies for Launching Research Projects that Promote Inquiry in Students

Please complete the quiz you see below to generate a Certificate of attendance for this webinar. You must answer at least four of the five questions correctly to receive your certificate and badge. The certificate will reflect the date you take the quiz.

Begin Assessment: bc2014s2 (5 Questions)
The research model discussed in the webinar was:
  The AASL Inquiry Model
  The Big6
  The Stripling Inquiry Model
  The science inquiry model
In the section on faulty prior knowledge, all of these were mentioned except:
  the first man in space
  the Mythbusters guys
  The Carpenters
  the Milwaukee airport
Which of these is not a red light question?
  How many men were in the First Continental Congress?
  Who was George Washington’s spouse?
  What impact did the Declaration of Independence have on Americans?
  When did George Washington die?
Which of these is a green light question?
  How many legs does a crab have?
  How would the Civil War have changed if General McClellan had not been fired?
  How is sand made?
  Who invented the cotton gin?
An American was the first man in space.

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