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Begin Assessment: Boot Camp 2013 Session 7 (5 Questions)
Who said that he spent one hour preparing each minute of a speech?
  Franklin Roosevelt
  Winston Churchill
  Martin Luther King, Jr.
  Fred Rogers
All of the following principles make a speech more believable and accepted by an audience EXCEPT:
  The facts and figures shared with the audience.
  The seriousness of the presenter's slides.
  The personal appeal and credibility of the speaker.
  The appeal to the audience's emotion.
In general, a person's attention span lasts:
  4-7 minutes.
  10-15 minutes.
  7-10 minutes
  2-5 minutes.
In his Ted Talk, teacher Tyler DeWitt bemoans a trend he refers to as the
  Tyranny of Details.
  Tyranny of Precision.
  Tyranny of Seriousness.
  Tyranny of Decision.
When planning bullets for your slides, make sure to:
  What? Is this a trick question? I don't use bullets. I use images with headlines.
  Use lots of educational jargon so that your audience will know that you are serious about your topic.
  Use a script font that is difficult to read so that people will be forced to pay attention.
  Make the font really small so you can fit at least 10 on a slide.

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