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Begin Assessment: R4S 2017 Module1 (6 Questions)
A research question is:
  A statement that makes you ask a question and begin researching
  An actual question your teacher asks you to answer
  An actual question you ask yourself about a topic
All good academic research starts with a research question.
Some questions that you need to answer when given an assignment include all of the following BUT:.
  type of research assignment
  source requirements
  how to be interesting
  length of assignment
The most workable research questions usually start with "why," "how," "when," "should," or what if?"
Why do you need a research question?
  The question is a starting point for research that focuses on a topic
  The question gives you information on how to approach a topic
  Answering the question is easy and requires less work
  Questions for research are created by libraries
Steps that help narrowing a topic include choosing: a group, a place, a time, and/or point of view.

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