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See What’s New: The World Almanac for Kids and Kids Elementary

Webinar presented on 2021-09-02.

The World Almanac for Kids and The World Almanac for Kids Elementary are the ideal one-stop reference resources for primary and intermediate-level students. Topics found in these resources include the arts, biographies, geography, health and guidance, language arts, life science, physical science, math, social studies, and sports. Educators and students will find current information, perfect for research and includes:

  • Modules, facts and world data, grade-appropriate articles, interactive games, and videos.
  • Homework Help including study tips, writing and math help, and more.
  • Teacher Resources including lesson plans, graphic organizers, and additional support and integration documents all of which can be searched by standard.

Both The World Almanac for Kids and The World Almanac for Kids Elementary are licensed through the RemotEDx initiative and will be accessible through the RemotEDx Exchange website and the INFOhio website. Join INFOhio Assistant Director Lori Lee as she hosts the Infobase team in sharing what you need to know about integrating both of The World Almanac Kids resources into your instruction beginning this fall.

Use this url to bookmark or link to See What’s New: The World Almanac for Kids and Kids Elementary: https://www.infohio.org/campus/webinars/recordings/item/lwi20210902.

  • Lori Lee
    Assistant Director of INFOhio

    Lori Lee

    Lori Y. Lee has over twenty years of experience as a high school English teacher. Besides teaching English, she now serves as the library media specialist at Zanesville High School in Zanesville, Ohio. One of her passions in education is technology integration which led her to pursue becoming a Google Education Trainer and an INFOhio District ICoach. She has presented at several conferences, including the Ohio Educational Technology Conference, Ohio Google Summit, and the Ohio Educational Library media Association annual conference. She lives in Zanesville, Ohio with her husband and two children.


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