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Be the Helper Webinar Series—Support Ohio’s Remote Learning with Quality Content from INFOhio: IWonder & Genius Hour (Grades 4-10)

Webinar presented on 2020-03-25.

Dig into IWonder to excavate websites that engage students and lead to questioning for learning. We'll discuss how project-based learning (PBL) and inquiry can work in remote learning environments and share the first steps to setting up PBL in the virtual classroom. This webinar will be presented by Emily Rozmus, INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist and former high school English teacher and school librarian.

In times of trouble, look for the helpers. This message from Mr. Rogers has never been truer than it is now. As teachers and students adapt to their new routines and systems of education, they will not only need help, but people to support them.

Be the Helper—Support Ohio’s Remote Learning with Quality Content from INFOhio is for INFOhio's IPartners, ICoaches, Providers, and all other education professionals who want to learn how to help support teachers with remote learning. In this series, participants will learn how to be the helpers for remote teaching and learning with INFOhio's digital content. In addition to sharing more about how to use INFOhio resources and tools, we will invite educational experts (that’s you!) to share best practices, observations of what works, and personal anecdotes from your current remote teaching and learning experiences. Each webinar will be held at noon and will last one hour. Following the webinar, participants can take a quiz to earn a certificate for one contact hour.

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Use this url to bookmark or link to Be the Helper Webinar Series—Support Ohio’s Remote Learning with Quality Content from INFOhio: IWonder & Genius Hour (Grades 4-10): https://www.infohio.org/campus/webinars/recordings/item/lwi20200325.

  • Emily Rozmus
    Instructional Specialist

    Emily Rozmus

    Emily Rozmus is an INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist.  She has worked in education for 25 years, first as a secondary English teacher, and then as a district librarian. Emily has developed district growth plans, integrated technology, created instruction for information literacy, fostered teacher development, and worked on teams to implement curriculum. At INFOhio, she focuses on helping educators use INFOhio resources to improve early learning. She also works to share research and best practices for helping students be better readers of INFOhio's digital text. 


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