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Music, Maps, and Minds: Digital Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

Webinar presented on 2018-05-03.

In the world of One2One devices, gone are the days of technology-free classes. Now, instead of talking about the rich musical history of New Orleans, students can use Google Expeditions to go there on a virtual field trip. Students in physical education classes can use video chats to learn about the importance of fitness from professional athletes, and those reading Julius Caesar can remotely investigate the Roman remains of where Caesar was assassinated. Regardless of the content, learning can be made even richer through the use of digital tools to increase authentic, student centered education. In this session, participants will explore how students can use Google tools and a blended learning environment to internalize topics while also leveling up in the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking) as well as the 5th C: Connectedness. Resources utilized will include Google Earth, Google Maps, G Suite, YouTube, and many of the customizable tools within these resources.

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