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Work the Knots Out of Your Presentations (And Your Stomach)

Webinar presented on 2013-08-07.

In this interactive session, you'll learn how to work the kinks out presentations with well-researched methods guaranteed to make you more confident in front of an audience. You'll discover how to apply the brain science techniques you already use in the classroom to connect with any audience, whether you're presenting to a group of parents or a group of administrators. You'll uncover little-known tricks to help you manage pre-presentation jitters. And you'll learn how to take your presentation slides from dull and forgettable to sparkling and memorable. You're invited to bring a presentation with you to transform during the small group work sessions.

Use this url to bookmark or link to Work the Knots Out of Your Presentations (And Your Stomach) : https://www.infohio.org/campus/webinars/recordings/item/bc2013s7-2.


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