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Mark Current Events with World Book Timelines from INFOhio

Author // Erica Clay Thursday, 03 November 2016

The Chicago Cubs just won the World Series. The last time that happened it was 1908. Help students put current events into historical perspective with World Book Timelines.

Build and share timelines. Use your own events and images or add content and images from World Book.

From the World Book Timelines landing page, select "Create a Timeline."


Set your theme and name your timeline. From your blank timeline, find and click "Search Events" in the upper left corner. Select a range of dates to search. You can quickly pull in historical events from the World Book suite of encyclopedias. Instruct students to select events that seem important to them.



Then encourage students to try a search for events in any time period and add the important ones.



Once they've created and saved their timelines, encourage them to share with each other. Discuss why they chose the events they did.

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Posted by: Erica Clay

Erica Clay has been a member of INFOhio's Instructional Team since December 2013. She earned a BA in English and Music and a Master of Humanities from Wright State University, and a Master of Library Science from Indiana University. As an ILibrarian, Erica evaluates and selects digital tools and resources aligned with Ohio Learning Standards, and supports integration of those tools and resources into classroom instruction. She also collects, analyzes, and shares INFOhio usage data to inform instructional design, and writes for INFOhio's social media, blog, and news.

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