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Author // Erica Clay Tuesday, 09 October 2018

Occasionally we still hear it when we're in a conference booth: "Oh, INFOhio, you don't have anything for me; I teach math." We always want to square off with those folks and enumerate the ways INFOhio supports math instruction. But, we would have to reluctantly add, "It is a little problematic trying to find the math resources on the INFOhio website." With the enhancements made to the INFOhio website and the transformation of INFOhio's Educator Tools, that problem has been solved!

Educator Tools, powered by INFOhio, now includes more than 55,000 teacher-approved lessons, assessments, and other instructional materials. INFOhio’s Educator Tools gives Ohio educators easy and free access to standards-aligned learning resources from exemplary K-12 content publishers. In INFOhio’s Educator Tools, you'll find the best-in-class learning resources for all grades and all subject areas, including (and especially) math. 


In Educator Tools, click the Subject category on the left, check the box next to Math, and you'll get over 11,000 results! You can narrow your results to those that meet the standards for your grade level by adding grade level limiters.

If you have specific math standards you are trying to meet, you can search by the standard language. For example, Ohio's 1st graders will learn to "Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false." Try a search for "understand the meaning of the equal sign" in Educator Tools (use those quotes to search for an exact phrase). 


You can use any of the resources you find in your results for FREE in your classroom.

If you work with 3rd graders, your students will have to "solve two-step word problems using the four operations." Try a search for that in Educator Tools (without the period but with the quotes).


When you find a result you like, click the heart icon in the lower left corner of the result box to add it to your favorites. 

Ohio's 6th graders have to "Find the greatest common factor of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100 and the least common multiple of two whole numbers less than or equal to 12." Try a search for "find the greatest common factor" in Educator Tools.


Once you've saved all the items you need to your favorites, click the heart icon next to the search box to email your favorites to yourself. 

If you teach high school students and want resources that will help you meet A.REI.12, try a search for "graph the solutions to a linear inequality" in Educator Tools.


With INFOhio's Educator Tools, get all the results you need, minus the hassle. When you search Educator Tools, you'll spend a fraction of the time you would if you were searching the open web, making it easier for you to balance your work/life equation. The volume of content is unbelievable. Finding math resources is as easy as Pi(e)!

Ok, we'll stop with the math puns now...but we're not quite done with the math resources. Educator tools is only the half of it! Find more math content you can use with your students on INFOhio's Mathematics Resources by Subject page.

In Explora PreK-5, there's a "Math" category on the landing page.


Click that link to find additional math categories you can browse.


In Explora 6-8 and Explora 9-12, there's a "Science & Math" category on the landing page.


Click the "More" link to browse the available categories.


Click any of those links to get to results from magazines, newspapers, and more.

Science Reference Center and Science Online are misnomers as both have lots of math content. To get to the math resources in Science Reference Center, from the landing page, click "Applied Sciences."


From there, you'll find a Mathematics link or other math-related categories from which to choose. 


If you choose "Mathematics" you can drill down to a specific area of math to explore.


To get to the math content in Science Online, from the landing page, under Topic Centers, click "Mathematics." 


From there, you can select a specific area of math to explore or view videos, animations, timelines, tables, and more.


But that's not all! You can even find math content in the recently updated World Book Student. From the landing page, click "Browse By Subject."


Then select "Science and mathematics" and choose "Mathematics."



You'll get hundreds of math-related texts written at a reading level appropriate for most students in upper elementary through 10th grade. 

With the additional resources added to Educator Tools, the enhancements made to the INFOhio website, and the updates made by many of our content providers, we've increased the probability that you'll think it's exponentially easier to find math content from INFOhio. When you add digital resources to your instruction, your student success will multiply. We hope that INFOhio becomes an integral tool in your practice. Let us know how #INFOhioWorks for math instruction by sharing with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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Posted by: Erica Clay

Erica Clay is the Director of INFOhio. Prior to this, she was a member of INFOhio's Instructional Team. Before joining the INFOhio team, Erica was a Library Director and a Humanities Librarian in academic libraries, a Knowledge Management Editor at a university, and taught K-8 music and PreK. She earned a BA in English and Music and a Master of Humanities from Wright State University, and a Master of Library Science from Indiana University.

Erica Clay
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