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Fetch: New Library Catalog Now Available

Monday, 08 March 2021

On March 1, Fetch, the new INFOhio Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), was made available to all libraries that currently use INFOhio’s library services platform. Fetch appears as a small icon next to CAT Jr. on the library welcome page. Fetch will replace CAT Jr. for the 2021-22 school year but is being made available now to allow your library users to practice using Fetch before the end of the school year. Fetch_Spring_2021

Several Fetch settings are available for customization and can be turned on or turned off. The following settings are enabled by default and are turned on:

  • Fetch icon on welcome pages
  • Visual search icon in the Fetch main menu
  • Reading-Level search icon in the Fetch main menu

The following settings are disabled by default and turned off:

  • Links to ISearch Results List and Detail Views
  • Link to place hold using ISearch Mobile

If you would like to request any changes to the default settings, please contact your INFOhio Provider at your ITC.

An INFOhio Campus training course for Fetch will be made available in JulyIf you have any questions, please contact your INFOhio Provider at your ITC or INFOhio at support.infohio.org.





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Fetch - Library Catalog Search

Fetch is avaiable to INFOhio automated schools. If you are an INFOhio school, please log in with your school username/password using the button at the top-left corner of this page.

For more information about Fetch, please visit the Fetch information page or contact INFOhio support at https://support.infohio.org.