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Author // INFOhio Staff Wednesday, 09 December 2020

For almost 30 years, INFOhio has been committed to providing quality, standards-aligned digital content at no cost to Ohio's schools and families. Additionally, INFOhio works to provide training and professional development to help educators learn how to use and integrate the resources into their instruction. During the COVID-19 pandemic, INFOhio has worked closely with its partners to bring the best remote and hybrid learning resources to Ohio educators. The RemotEdx Exchange, powered by INFOhio, offers technology supports for Ohio schools and families. This site also provides a curriculum library with resources for schools in need of digital materials to continue delivery of rigorous instruction that engages learners. One resource included in the RemotEdx Curriculum Library is EdReports.org.

To ensure that all students can access quality instructional materials, INFOhio has added a new class to the INFOhio Learning Pathways to support schools and districts as they adopt high-quality resources. The EdReports class is available in the High-Quality Instructional Materials for Each Child Learning Pathway. This class is self-paced and allows school and district curriculum teams to work together to find the best instructional materials for their students. 

EdReports.org reviews instructional materials from a variety of publishers including McGraw Hill, Amplify, Accelerate Learning, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Working closely with the publishers, the educator-led team of reviewers uses a detailed rubric with content-specific criteria and indicators to guide their rating. Access to the review materials is open and the process is transparent, allowing schools to identify top-rated materials and the criteria that make them so. EdReports advocates for teacher voice in the adoption process, providing resources and supports for districts to empower educators as part of the curriculum adoption process.

The EdReports site gives schools the opportunity to research instructional materials, read the publisher's response to the review, and compare reviews. 

The EdReports class available from INFOhio not only teaches schools how to use the site, but it also provides them with tools and guiding questions to use as they work through the steps necessary for adopting high-quality instructional materials to fit the needs of students. As with all classes and professional development in INFOhio Campus, the EdReports class is available at no cost. Those who are seeking contact hours will be awarded a 4 hour certificate upon completion of the online class.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact INFOhio Support.

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