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What is the flipped classroom approach with Transparent Language Online?
  Vocabulary and grammar learning is done with a teacher DURING class.
  Vocabulary and grammar learning is done via online lessons BEFORE class.
  Vocabulary and grammar learning is done via online lessons AFTER class.
What kinds of things do students learn in Transparent Language Online?
  Vocabulary items are aligned with communicative tasks.
  Grammar patterns and structures are part of the learning.
  Cultural information is in context.
  All of the above.
Which skills do students practice in Transparent Language Online?
  Listening and Speaking
  Reading and Typing
  All of the above
What is a key benefit to the flipped classroom approach?
  Students come to class ready to speak with peers.
  Students practice speaking with peers at home.
  Students can repeat vocabulary aloud in class.
  Students don't have any homework to do.
With the flipped classroom approach, what in-class activities can students focus on?
  Grammar-only activities
  Communicative activities
  Listening-only activities
  Vocabulary drill activities

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