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Which of the following are features of the Ebook High School and Education Collection?
  Access to over 16,000 eBooks
  Unlimited user access
  EBook Titles which align with Common Core Curriculum Standards
  All of the Above
Which libraries in Ohio have access to these collections?
  Public Libraries
  University Libraries
  All K-12 School Libraries
  All of the Above
How can schools access these collections?
  MARC Records added to the school library
  Individual School Library's Resource Portal
  The INFOhio Website
  All of the Above
What options do I have for printing, sharing, or saving parts of a book?
  I can print, share, or save parts of the book.
  I can only view and read the book online.
  I can only share a link to the book.
  I can print, share, or save the whole book.
Only School and School District Staff may use these eBook collections?

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