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The World Almanac for Kids Elementary includes several types of biographies, including all of the following except:
  Famous Americans
  U.S. Presidents
  World Leaders
  Scientists & Inventors
True or False: The videos in The World Almanac for Kids Elementary are embedded and therefore cannot be shared outside of the database.
The Teacher Resources in The World Almanac for Kids Elementary include which of the following?
  Science Projects
  Printable Handouts
  Graphic Organizers
  Educational Standards
  All of the above
The purpose of the videos and educational games in The World Almanac for Kids Elementary is to:
  engage and motivate students using familiar digital tools.
  help Infobase sell more subscriptions.
  distract kids so they don't realize they're actually learning.
  promote other content providers because we're really nice that way.
  All of the above.
True or False: There is access to more than 200 Science Projects available within The World Almanac for Kids Elementary.

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