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Which of the following CANNOT be found in Today's Science?
  Summative Assessments
  Crossword Puzzles
  Editorial Cartoons and Questions
  Conversations with Scientists
  Video News Briefs
True or False: The Curriculum Resources in Today's Science are only for teachers.
The pop-up glossary in Today's Science is useful for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
  allows students to skip words they don't know.
  exposes students to new vocabulary words.
  helps students improve their comprehension of the material.
  increases students' science vocabulary.
The purpose of the Conversations with Scientists in Today's Science is to show students that science is done by:
  nerds who had no friends in school so they turned to science.
  mostly men, because girls don't participate in science.
  government agencies with bottomless funding sources.
  individuals who are far more intelligent than they are.
  real people.
True or False: New articles and related materials are added regularly throughout each month to Today's Science.

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