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Answer these questions to check your understanding of Find Free Content for your Blended or Flipped Classroom.  You must complete 4 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

Begin Assessment: Find Free Content for your Blended or Flipped Classroom (5 Questions)
Where can you find guides to using INFOhio's resources in a learning managment system?
  INFOhio's Guide for Educators
  INFOhio's Curriculum Integration Kit
  INFOhio's Blended Learning Toolkit
  Curriculum Toolbox and INFOhio's Technical Help Toolkit
  INFOhio's Teacher Handbook
Which of these INFOhio resources provide embed codes?
  Digital Video Collection, Science Online
  World Book, Explora
  Science Online, Explora
  Digital Video Collection, Science Reference Center
Which of these INFOhio resources does not provide a widget?
  Go: Ask, Act, Achieve
  World Book
  Research 4 Success
  Science Online
What does an RSS feed provide?
  All of these
  Provides new articles on a topic as new content is published.
  Provides a way to target articles with reading level adjustments on the same topic.
  Provides an easy way to introduce students to high interest informational text.
  Provides new curricular related content.
Quick, seamless integration with Google Classroom is available in which of these INFOhio tools?
  World Book, ISearch
  ISearch, Explora
  Ancestry, World Book
  R4S and Go: Ask,Act,Achieve
  Explora, Science Reference Center

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