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Which of the following is an approach that can be applied to using technology in the early learning classroom?
  Integrating technology into the classroom can start by using what you already know.
  Joint media engagement is important to keep learners engaged and interacting with each other.
  The key to using technology with preschoolers is to balance technolgy and real world learning.
  All of these.
The INFOhio Early Learning Portal includes resources that can be used on
  a mobile tablet.
  a desktop computer.
  a moblie phone.
  all of these.
BookFlix and World Book Early Learning are two resources included in the INFOhio Early Learning Portal.
The websites, apps, and digital resources in the Early Learning Portal were selected by teachers, librarians, and early learning experts.
The INFOhio Early Learning Portal is designed for children to use alone.

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