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Answer these questions to check your understanding of the Your Presentation module.  You must complete 5 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

1A strong thesis statement:
Takes a stand, is specific and justifies discussion
Provides many conclusions about a subject
Is general enough to allow a broad answer
Takes several ideas and pust them into one sentence
2Which of the following is a strong thesis statement?
Because education beyond high school leads to higher paying jobs and a stronger economy, public tax dollars should be used to support higher education.
Providng funds for education has some negative and positive aspects which citizens should study.
3To obtain copyright a person must:
Pay a fee and complete a registration form with the Library of Congress
Copyright protection begins at the moment the work is created in a permanent form.
Receive payment. Unless there is payment for a creation, it cannot be copyrighted.
4Select the statement that is most true about the best way to protect your online image:
Keep everything you post open to the world, never use privacy settings.
Google yourself and monitor tags and content about you on the Internet
Do not have an online image. Keep your name off the Internet.
Post information about social events you attend and blog about interviews for jobs.
5Creative Commons Licensing:
Provides ways for people to become creative in a virtual environment.
Allows the creator to keep copyright and allows use under certain conditions.
Allows a person to license their work without paying for copyright.
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