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Answer these questions to check your understanding of the Asking Good Questions module.  You must complete 7 of the 8 questions correctly to pass.

1A research question is:
A statement that makes you ask a question and begin researching
An actual question your teacher asks you to answer
An actual question you ask yourself about a topic
2All good academic research starts with a research question
3Why do you need a research question?
Questions for research are created by libraries
The question gives you information on how to approach a topic
Answering the question is easy and requires less work
The question is a starting point for research that focuses the topic.
4To focus a research question ask these questions: who, what, when and where
5What should you do first after receiving an assignment?
Find resources to complete the assignment
Record the due date
Figure out a topic for the project
Read the assignment and note details
6Which element is NOT critical to a good research question?
Being imaginative
Be clear and simple
Be interesting
Having information available that addresses the question
Having a one sentence statement introducing a paper
Meets assignment criteria
7Social bookmarking tools assist in research by providing:
A way to add information to websites
A way to compile a bibliography, add comments to website information, share resources
A way to keep resources for your project and keep others from using them.
8I created a social bookmarking account such as Diigo.
I did not create a social bookmarking account.
I verify I did create a social bookmarking account
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