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Answer these questions to check your understanding of developing a research topic.  You must complete all questions correctly to pass.

1Which of the following should NOT be a primary goal to consider when developing a topic?
Support personal values you hold.
Sources are available.
Interesting to you and your readers.
Meet assignment requirements.
2When formulating a research question, which of these should you consider?
Time, place, people, point-of-view, interesting to others
Time, place, people, point-of-view, your opinion
Time, place, people, interesting to others
3What should you look for in the assignment for a research paper before determining your topic?
The length of the assignment, the source requirements, the theme or topic requirement.
The type of research, the length of the assignment, the source requirements, if a particular theme or topic is required.
The theme or topic requirement, the type of paper you are to submit.
4It might be difficult to find sources if your topic is too narrow.
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