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Begin Assessment: Inquiry in the Social Studies Classroom and Beyond: Leading the Next-Generation Digital Citizens to Multiple Perspectives and Reliable Resources Quiz (5 Questions)

This is a 5-question INFOhio assessment.

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The C3 Framework is composed of how many dimensions?
What is the difference between Compelling Questions and Supporting Questions?
  Compelling questions are larger open-ended questions that frame the inquiry for students. Supporting questions are fact-based questions which provide the evidence students will use to construct their argument based response to the Compelling Question
  Compelling questions are short structured questions that oppose supporting questions.
  There is no difference
  None of these
In which dimension would you place OCLRE's authentic assessments
  Dimension 4 - Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action
  Dimension 2 - the dimension of 2-D shapes, like a split. If you take a line, like in the first dimension, and create another line branching off of it which now gives it width, this is now the second dimension
  Dimension 0 - the point, the infinitely small place holder.
  Dimension 3 - the additional dimension by which a solid object may be distinguished from a two-dimensional drawing or picture of it or from any planar object
INFOhio's ISearch will direct students to the school library online catalog to find books on topics searched as well as to magazine and encyclopedia articles.
Which of the following resources does INFOhio's Points of View database NOT have on their selected controversial topics?
  Guide to Critical Analysis
  Point article
  Power Points on each topic
  CounterPoint article
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