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Begin Assessment: Google Tools for Struggling Students Quiz (5 Questions)

This is a 5-question INFOhio assessment.

Learn with INFOhio! Webinar Quiz

Please complete the quiz you see below to generate a Certificate of attendance for this webinar. You must answer at least four of the five questions correctly to receive your certificate. The certificate will reflect the date you take the quiz.

A good tool for text to speech is:
  Pupil Pref
A good tool for speech to text is:
  Click-free Browsing
  Voice Typing
A good tool to improve the readability of a web page by removing distracting elements is:
You can search for YouTube videos that have closed captioning by:
  Clicking “Filters” then “Subtitles/CC”
  YouTube does not support closed captions
  Typing “Closed Captions” in the search box
  Scrolling to the bottom and turning “Safety Mode” off
You can zoom in and out when using Chrome by pressing:
  Ctrl A and Ctrl Z
  Ctrl J and Ctrl K
  Ctrl and Ctrl
  Ctrl 1 and Ctrl 2
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