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Answer these questions to check your understanding of the Selecting the Best Module.  You must complete 5 of the 5 questions correctly to pass.

1Which of the following statements is not true about scholarly articles?
Scholarly articles are shorter overview articles.
Scholarly articles are written by experts in the field.
Scholarly articles are peer reviewed.
Scholarly articles present original research or experiments.
2What do you need to create and use RSS feeds?
A paid subscription to a company that provides RSS content
A browser with a RSS reader and content provided with XML code
A current online newspaper subscription
3You need information about a health issue. Which of these Internet sites would you use to obtain the information?
A website article on the topic that was published a year ago by a university professor outlining the health issue.
A website article on the topic that was published last month advertising a product to help with the health issue.
A website article on the topic that was published last month on a university website by a professor studying the health issue.
A website on the exact health topic; however the last update was three years ago.
4School, public, college libraries and INFOhio are good places to look for databases with scholarly articles, primary source documents as well as popular and trade publications.
5Zotero and Evernote are used for research projects. Which statement below is false?
Zotero allows you to share citations and notes with members of your project.
Zotero allows you to easily reuse citations.
Zotero will capture citation and full-text information
Evernote allows you to take notes and share them with other members of your project.
Evernote determines the most important information and highlights that for you.
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