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R4S 2017 Module5
INFOhio Assessment/Certificate System

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Answer these questions to check your understanding of the Your Presentation module.  You must complete 5 of the 6 questions correctly to pass.

1Which of the following statements will NOT help understand an assignment?
Resources to use
The audience
Advice from a friend
Purpose of the assignment
2 A strong thesis statement:
Provides many conclusions about a subject
Is general enough to allow a broad answer
Takes several ideas and puts them into one sentence
Takes a stand, is specific and justifies discussion
3Which of the following is a strong thesis statement?
Providing funds for education has some negative and positive aspects which citizens should study.
Because education beyond high school leads to higher paying jobs and a stronger economy, public tax dollars should be used to support higher education.
4To obtain copyright a person must:
Pay a fee and complete a registration form with the Library of Congress.
Receive payment. Unless there is payment for a creation, it cannot be copyrighted.
Copyright protection begins at the moment the work is created in a permanent form.
5Which technique is NOT useful in writing an conclusion to an essay
Summarize the information
State your opinion
Restate the thesis
Ask a question
6Strategies for peer reviewing include: summarizing end notes, using "sounds good" comments, and offering constructive criticism.
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