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R4S 2017 Module2
INFOhio Assessment/Certificate System

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Answer these questions to check your understanding of the Finding Information module.  You must complete 5 of the 6 questions correctly to pass.

1Which of the following statements is most accurate:
Information on the free Internet is more reliable than information libraries because anyone can post to the Internet.
Information in libraries is different than information from the free Internet because information is selected through a review process.
Only those with authority are permitted to post to the Internet.
Information on the free Internet is only posted by authorities.
2When should you use an Internet Search engine instead of a library database?
You need information that as been reviewed for accuracy.
You need accurate information on a topic from the past.
You need a peer-reviewed journal article.
You need information about an event that is happening today.
3With one click ISearch lets users search multiple resources and databases that have been reviewed for accuracy.
4Library databases include all of the following EXCEPT:
high quality resources
Google results
scholarly articles
abstracts and citations
5The key to good searches is knowing your main topic and developing search terms and strategies.
6Keywords are the words, phrases and terms used to describe the main concept of a research topic.
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