Toolkit for Promoting INFOhio Resources to Parents

Generous support from Kent State University's Institute for Library & Information Literacy Education (ILILE) funded the mailing of a printed copy of INFOhio's Toolkit for Promoting INFOhio Resources to Parents to each Ohio K-12 school. An electronic version of the Toolkit, as well as links to specific pages, are provided when available. Some additional materials not available for the printed Toolkit are included below.

Complete Toolkit [PDF 39 pgs] See below to find/print specific items in the Toolkit. Please note: While most of the Toolkit is still useful, this is an archive document that may contain stale content and links.

Toolkit Table of Contents - Links included here are for specific items in the Toolkit. To print the entire Toolkit as one document, see above. INFOhio grants permission to Ohio's PreK-12 community to reproduce these materials.
* = content is included in Complete Toolkit PDF

Preface* - A message from Theresa M. Fredericka, INFOhio Executive Director


Why an INFOhio Parent Toolkit
- The purpose of the toolkit is to provide school librarians with materials they can use to tell parents about the positive impact school libraries and INFOhio resources have on school achievement. What the research says about school library media programs and achievement and technology impact research:

Student Learning through Ohio School Libraries : The Ohio Research Study

Pew Internet and American Life Project

The Campaign for INFOhio: Putting the @your library® brand to work*

American Library Association: @ your library® The Campaign for America's Libraries

Campaign for America's Libraries Trademark Use Policy

Ideas to Get Started *

Speaking Out*- General information on how to collect stories and why we need to tell our story.

Telling Our Story *

Sample Talking Points [MS Word 1 pg]

Sample News Release [MS Word 1 pg]

What Students Are Saying *

Tough Questions *

Reaching Out* - Advice for marketing your library; suggestions for reaching out to parents/caregivers and school board/community.

Spreading the Word *- To receive a password for protected materials, contact your Instructional Technology Center provider or e-mail central@infohio.org.
Public Service Announcements

Sample Copy for PSA [MS Word 1 pg]

INFOhio Video PSA [30 and 60 seconds]
INFOhio Video

What Is INFOhio? October 2005. Video overview of INFOhio's resources for students.  [Various formats 4:07 min]

Sample Letter to Parents [MS Word 1 pg]
Posters - Fliers - Bookmarks

Supply List: Core Collection Promotional Materials

Bookmark: Do you have a question? [MS Word 1 pg]

Explore new worlds with INFOhio @ your library® [MS Word 1 pg]

Get connected, stay connected with INFOhio [MS Word 1 pg]

Get homework help with INFOhio resources. [MS Word 1 pg]

Parents Getting Started With INFOhio [MS Word OR PDF 1 pg]

Press Release: INFOhio Adds Resources for Parents to Its Web Site, October 2005.

Ideas Too Good Not to Share
- This section links to content referenced in the Toolkit, as well as materials that were not available for the printed version.

INFOhio Resource Hunt Cards

Blanks. Masters to produce your own cards or for class projects. [MS Word 2 pgs]

Lesson Plans and Project, Grades 1-5. Prepared by Carol Gibson, Elida Local Schools.


Homework Help Tools - Suggested resources to help your child successfully complete assignments, using the INFOhio Core Collection and other sites.

How to Use INFOhio's Core Collection of Electronic Resources

INFOhio's Core Collection of Electronic Resources

National Resources

AASL Advocacy Toolkit

AASL Introduction to Advocacy and Advocacy Training: What Is Advocacy Training? May 2002. [PPT 19 slides]

AASL School Library Program Health and Wellness Toolkit

AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

ALA Online Store

ALA Resolution: School Libraries and Librarians Are Critical to Educational Success.


American Association of School Librarians (AASL)

Institute for Library & Information Literacy Education (ILILE)

Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA)


2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition

Library Research Service School Library Impact Studies

Research/Student Achievement from ALA's Toolkit for School Library Media Programs

School Libraries Work! 2008 Edition from Scholastic Publishing [PDF 28 pgs]

Student Learning Through Ohio School Libraries: The Ohio Study

Ohio Campaigns and Promotions

What Is INFOhio? October 2005. Video overview of INFOhio's resources for students.  [Various formats 4:33 min]

Please note INFOhio has not produced all of these materials and is not responsible for stale links or out-of-date information. Permission has been granted INFOhio to link to each resource to assist building and district staff in preparing their own materials. To contribute materials for this page, e-mail webmaster@infohio.org.

INFOhio's Parent Resources pages and related materials have been developed through grants from the Reinberger Foundation and the Institute for Library & Information Literacy Education (ILILE). Special thanks to our Parent Project Team, coordinated by Ann Tepe.


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