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Case Study in College and Career Readiness
Using Modules to Search University Catalogs, Visits to Xavier University and University of Cincinnati Libraries

For over a decade, Mariemont High School students have used both Xavier University Library and the University of Cincinnati Libraries during their Senior English Research paper. After students select a novel or set of poems or short stories to analyze in early December, they must complete a set of research modules designed by the school librarian to help prepare them for their visit to the university library. These modules include searching the university catalog, the resources of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and OCLC First Search for books and articles they'll want to access on their field trip. These modules are graded and corrected by the school librarian and used as a grade for their English class.

The modules are shared with the university librarians and a date for the field trip is set for early January when university students are still out on winter break. For the visit to Xavier, students fill out an application for a Xavier card prior to the visit, so they can check out materials on the trip. (UC has students bring Mariemont ID to check out materials.) The classes are split into two trips, and students are given a tour by university library staff and instruction on accessing materials through the check out process and through databases. Students save articles to flash drives they bring with them. 

What participants are saying...
Overall, the collaboration (with Xavier University and University of Cincinnati) is extremely rewarding, and we have found it to be an effective way to teach 12th grade students how to utilize college libraries. We have anecdotal evidence that our students are less fearful of approaching university library staff for help and more likely to seek library resources for papers. It is one of the most enjoyable projects I do with my students all year. - Emily Zauss Colpi

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Emily Zauss Colpi
Mariemont High School

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