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Preparing 21st Century Ohio Learners for Success: The Role of Information Literacy and Libraries, a report by the INFOhio and OhioLINK Special Task Force, includes a list of goals and action steps for transitioning students from high school to college. September 2008. [PDF 9 pgs]

This page collects resources to help plan students plan their journeys from high school to college and beyond.The restructuring of Ohio's education program, from preschool through college, impacts the role of school library media centers and their personnel. The Task Force has collected general resources to assist in this effort. Links below lead to more specific resources for students, educators and librarians. A roster of Special Task Force Representatives is available.

General resources

EDGE: Education in a Global Economy. State Board of Education of Ohio. Includes Top Ten List of findings by the subcommittee's "research study to identify the skills, knowledge and behaviors that businesses believe students will need to be successful in the global economy."

INFOhio's "Go Further--Road to Career and College Readiness" Campaign. Includes Ohio's Road to Success, Task Force goals, success stories and a resource list, January 2011. [PDF 2 pgs]

Partnership for 21st Century Skills Designates Ohio as a Leadership State.

21st Century Readiness in Ohio. [PDF 2 pgs]

Ohio page on Partnership for 21st Century Skills site.

Press release from Governor Strickland's office, October 22, 2009.

PreK-12 Education Initiative. Details four key areas where INFOhio transforms teaching and learning by connecting educational resources with the power of information technology, October 2009.  [PDF/letter 2 pgs OR PDF/tabloid 1 pg]

Report on the Condition of Higher Education in Ohio: Meeting the State's Future Needs. Ohio Board of Regents, March 31, 2008. [PDF 74 pgs]

The Skills You Need to Succeed. Bill Gates. BBC News Viewpoint, December 14, 2007
University System of Ohio campus locations. Click the map to visit the USO Web page.
Strategic Plan for Higher Education, 2008-2017. Ohio Board of Regents, March 2008. [PDF 109 pgs] University System of Ohio campus locations. Click the map to visit the USO Web page.

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