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Volume 8, Number 1
September 2003

Table of Contents

Curriculum Resources Catalog
- Union Catalog becomes CRC
- Alignment tools for content standards
- OPIPSSA efforts continue

Electronic Resources
- Core Collection overview
- ER Toolkit for 2003-04
- 2003-04 usernames/passwords
- Preview 2003 reminder

Instructional Development
- OH! Teach grows to support Ohio educators
- Peer review process for ER support materials
- InfoLit E-List adding subscribers

Library Automation
- Transition Update
- Support documents

Media Booking
- AMCs license 130 digital titles for all Ohio schools
- New home page button

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The RECORD is published by INFOhio, the Information Network for Ohio Schools, Theresa M. Fredericka, Executive Director. Making copies of this newsletter, in whole or in part, is encouraged. Please acknowledge or cite INFOhio.

Area Media Centers acquire 130 digital titles for statewide use

- Seasonal titles without enough copies to fill everyone's requests.
- High-demand videos that everyone wants to use, often at the same time.
- Requests for materials that align to Ohio Academic Content Standards.

Funds received by Ohio's 24 Area Media Centers to acquire 130 videos in digital format will help solve some of these situations for many Ohio educators. The titles are from 16 well-respected video producers, such as AIT, Disney and Weston Woods, and apply to a wide range of subjects and grade levels.

The digital collection will be available to all Ohio K-12 schools in October, at no cost to Ohio educators or students. The titles have been licensed to make use convenient, too. The bibliographic records for the videos have been added to INFOhio's K-12 Curriculum Resource Catalog, so they can be searched by several fields such as author, title, subject heading and keyword. Within each record is a hyperlink to the full product, which can be streamed (watched live) over a high-speed Internet connection or downloaded to a local computer. Your local AMC can copy most of the videos to a
CD-ROM and deliver it to your school.

In addition to the links to the videos within the CRC, many records include links to materials that support the materials. For example, a link may provide an online version of the teacher's guide that accompanies the video. Other links may lead to reproducible masters for student assignments and related Web sites. By using the Curriculum Resource Catalog as the central access point for these resources, the related links are accessible and reliable.

Area Media Center staff studied their usage reports and worked at a statewide level to negotiate with vendors to assure the collection represents those titles in high demand. Special attention was given to acquire materials that align to Ohio's Academic Content Standards. By pooling their efforts and state acquisition budgets, the AMCs were able to guarantee at least five year rights to all videos. Some companies agreed to seven-year rights, and most to lifetime rights.

The total cost of the 130 licenses is $160,000, about $1,230 per title. Three-fourths of the cost is from Library Services Technology Act funding administered by the State Library of Ohio. AMC directors plan to cooperate on the purchase of additional titles yet this school year, so watch for the number of digital titles to grow. Use the SUGGESTIONS button near the top of almost every INFOhio Web page to offer ideas for additional titles.

New home page button serves as portal to INFOhio's media booking agencies

Special Agency Online Catalogs (Medianet).Automating Ohio support agencies that support K-12, such as Area Media Centers and SERRC centers, is an important part of INFOhio's mission. A new button on the INFOhio home page, Ohio Media Resources, makes that responsibility a bit clearer. The new button replaces one that was labeled Medianet, software used by Ohio support agencies to book and manage materials in their collections. The new button links to the same page as the old, an Ohio map with links to the online catalog for each agency using INFOhio's media booking software.

In other Media Booking news, Juanita Markham, part of INFOhio's Technical Support team, has assumed the role of lead support for those managing collections with INFOhio's media booking software. Markham replaces John Whyde, who is working full time to complete a law degree.