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Ohio AMC Digital Video Collection

Use a link in the table below to locate a specific video.Ohio's Area Media Centers (AMC) Digital Video Collection (DVC) is available to all Ohio K-12 schools at no cost to districts, educators or students. This collection was made possible, in part, through a Library Services and Technology Act grant awarded to the AMCs by the State Library of Ohio. Funding to maintain and increase the DVC is provided by the AMCs. The DVC is hosted by INFOhio.

Proceed to a directory of Ohio Area Media Centers.

Use the current INFOhio Core Collection username and password, if prompted.

Easy Search - Search by keyword in multiple record fields.

Browse List - Alphabetical listing of all titles. Includes links to stream or download.
Printable Title Lists

Digital Title List - Includes titles, names of instructional modules, running times, file sizes. List is newly-generated each time URL is visited. [PDF 40+ pgs]

Digital Titles With Annotations. Dec 2010 [PDF 36 pgs]

Digital Titles - Subject Index. Dec 2010 [PDF 64 pgs]

New Digital Titles With Annotations. Dec 2010 [PDF 1 pgs]

New Digital Titles - Subject Index. Dec 2010 [PDF 3 pgs]
  Specialized Lists
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Titles With Annotations. Dec 2010 [PDF 1 pgs] 
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Titles - Subject Index. Dec 2010 [PDF 1 pgs]
Ohio Farm Bureau Titles With Annotations. Dec 2010 [PDF 12 pgs]
Ohio Farm Bureau Titles - Subject Index. Dec 2010 [PDF 29 pgs]
Borrow materials from Area Media Centers

Visit your local Ohio Area Media Center - Includes links to stream or download and to book CDs, as well as other K-12 resources that may be available as part of your membership or for a small fee. Use your AMC client number and password, if prompted.

Click the appropriate button to stream or download the video.
In a DVC record, look for this button to stream the video.View Now (.FLV files) - Progressive downloading of Flash video videos produces a streaming-like service for users without the hassle that comes with using streaming services.   Flash videos (FLV) do NOT require any special port and/or protocol requirements.
In a DVC record, look for this button to download the video.Download (.MPG files) - If streaming will not work or is prohibited, temporary downloading is an option. The video can be saved to a computer - or several classroom computers - for use any time during a 45-day period. See Technical Specifications below for additional information.

If viewing or downloading are not available, contact your Ohio AMC to borrow CD versions.

Technical Specifications for viewing the videos
The DVC is platform independent, which means, it doesn't matter what type of computer you're using, the DVC will allow you to either download videos or View them immediately.  To View a video, you must be using a browser capable of playing Flash videos.  Any major browser will work:  Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and others.  Click Here to test your computer and browser.  You may download the Flash Player from our Multimedia Tools page and from INFOhio's Digital Titles Server Help page.  Most videos are available in 3 qualities:  High, Medium and Low.  The high quality videos are played by default.  If your internet connection or computer is unable to play the high quality videos, you may select the Medium or Low quality videos, which are lower in quality but smaller in size.

Not sure if your computer is setup to view the DVC videos?  Click Here to find out.

Have you downloaded the Flash video and cannot view it?
You may need a desktop player to play the Flash videos.  A free player is available at

Can schools download videos to local servers for permanent access?
No, this is a violation of copyright. Permanent downloads will result in producers no longer selling digital videos to this and other consortia for unlimited statewide access.

Why is a username/password required?
These videos have been purchased and made available for use by the Ohio K-12 community only. The use of a username and password to access the videos ensures that licensing agreements are met and copyright is not violated. For computers with IP addresses registered with an Ohio Information Technology Center (ITC), a username and password are not needed. For home use and non-registered schools, use the current INFOhio Core Collection username and password, if prompted. Contact your ITC or AMC if you need that information.

Digital Video in the Classroom. PowerPoint presentation used during eTech Ohio Conference 2009 session by Tony Marshalek, INFOhio Consultant, February 3, 2009. [PPT 49 slides]

Have questions?
For more information about the Digital Video Collection, contact INFOhio Technical Support at or the Ohio Area Media Center that serves your school.


Last Updated on May 29, 2011

By INFOhio Webmaster