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Toolkit for INFOhio Fall Update 2003
October 29, 2003

Instead of holding a state users group meeting, INFOhio conducted 29 regional Fall Update sessions during the August, September and October 2003. Almost 1,000 Ohio educators attended. Most of these half-day (three-hour) sessions were co-sponsored by DASites conducting local users group meetings for their service areas. The following toolkit was compiled to support these regional sessions, DASite users group meetings, and library media and technology staff conducting local in-service for back-to-school programs. The next INFOhio State Users Group is scheduled for January 2004.

The regional update sessions explained new features of INFOhio's Electronic Resources, especially the seven new resources added to the Core Collection, and provided brief updates on other INFOhio products and services. For those unable to attend a session, and for those who wish to use the session materials for local inservice and instruction, this page collects all the items used and distributed at the meetings in one location.

PowerPoint presentation (89 slides) September 16, 2003 - This presentation was used at each of the 29 Fall Update sessions and is the template for all the Fall Update PowerPoints. Most of the presentation explains INFOhio's Core Collection of Electronic Resources, with jumps to PowerPoints explaining the seven new resources purchased with LSTA funds for the 2003-2004 school year. About a half-hour of the Fall Update sessions explained new information about other INFOhio products and services. Providers are welcome to use the slides as they are, select those appropriate for the situation, or adapt them as needed. Slides may be used for district and building presentations, as well. No separate permission is required for use in any Ohio school or agency.

Handouts and other links: INFOhio's Core Collection of Electronic Resources

  • Back to School Teacher Checklist, 2003-2004 [MS Word OR PDF OR HTML] A one-page handout that can be used in several ways, including as a handout for faculty meetings, especially where the library media specialist is allowed some time to speak and show some visuals; as a handout for one-on-one conferences with teachers or with departmental meetings and the library media specialist; as a cover document that the library media specialist can attach to other handouts, especially those mentioned in the checklist; as a URL e-mailed to colleagues who can use the electronic version's hyperlinks; and as an attachment that library media specialists can send to the faculty they support.

  • Help Resources

  • Overview Flyer Series for 2003-2004
Overview of INFOhio's Electronic Resources for 2003-2004 [PDF 4 pgs 2.7 Mb]
  • PowerPoints for local faculty meetings

INFOhio's Electronic Resources for 2003 (approximately 10-minute presentation)
[27 slides, 3.2 Mb]
INFOhio's Electronic Resources for 2003 (approximately 30-minute presentation)
[100 slides, 11.1 Mb]
Blank Master Copy and enter the username and password for your DASite.
[MS Word OR PDF 1 pg]
DASite Masters With usernames/passwords, these versions must be password-protected. Providers can access them on the INFOhio Forum.
[MS Word 1 pg]

Other handouts and links

- Aligning Resources to Ohio Academic Content Standards - Helps locate an Ohio Academic Content Standard at the grade level indicator.
- AMC Digital Title List - 130 high-demand titles, available free to all Ohio K-12 students and teachers in October 2003. Funded by an LSTA grant through the State Library of Ohio.
- CatExpress Web-based information - Includes background, FAQs, pricing, and order form.
- INFOhio Progress Report 2002 - Statistics and other information about the 2002-2003 school year, with a focus on Electronic Resources [PDF 4 pgs]
- NIE Online - Newspapers in Education site.
- Notes handout - Blank for to use for taking notes during a Core Collection session. [MS Word OR PDF 2 pgs]
- Ohio Guidelines for Effective School Library Media Programs - Link to Ohio Department of Education site
- Technical Support - Developed to assist building and district webmasters who are placing links to INFOhio's Core Collection of Electronic Resources.
- What You Need to Know About Migration to Sirsi K-12, March 2004- Important information for school administrators, technology coordinators and library/media staff. [PDF 2 pgs]

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